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Wireless (WLAN) Networking

Achieve Fast, Secure & Strong Connection

The landscape of wireless networking has changed dramatically as the ubiquity of mobile phones, smart devices, and IoT has migrated into the workplace. Now more than ever, companies are focusing on beefing up the reliability, performance, and security, of their wireless networks. At DNC Co., we focus on delivering WLAN solutions that are built off a performance-driven architecture with streamlined network management and end-to-end security in mind.
Fix Performance Gaps In Your WLAN

We help businesses discover and fix problematic areas in their network by running comprehensive on-site surveys and infrastructure assessments.

Centralized, Streamlined Management

Our wireless solutions are lean and well-documented. We can also help your WLAN upkeep with network management solutions like Cisco PRIME.

Security At Every Endpoint

Set granular, ironclad security policies that utilize AI and predictive analytics to stop intrusions and deter sensitive data theft.

Performance & Solution-Centered Approach

All WLAN projects start with a comprehensive site survey. If you’re building a new network, we can work with your contractors to ensure our WLAN designs work seamlessly with your building’s physical architecture.


If you’re looking to optimize your existing WLAN network, site surveys can help identify areas with weak signal, interference, and misconfigurations. By approaching WLAN design in this manner, our solutions boost your wireless performance and keep you safe from wireless network attacks.


Efficiency is also a key virtue of our WLAN solutions. Our engineers wil. tie your WLAN architecture together with the best management and endpoint security tools that fit your needs. All while providing clear documentation for a seamless hand-off process with the project is complete.

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Companies We’ve Worked With

Case Study: Manufacturing Fortune 250 Wireless AP Refresh

Detroit Network Cable recently helped a Fortune 250 manufacturing company refresh their entire wireless infrastructure. Download the case study to learn more:

Download The Case Study